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About Us

Our focus is to manage communities under Puerto Rico’s access control law (P.R. Law #21 of 1987 as amended by P.R. Law # 22 of 1992), condominium law (P.R. Law #104 of 1958 as amended by P.R. Law 103 of 2003) and rental housing/projects such as Section 8, Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and P.R. Law 173 of 1996 (Senior Housing), among others. Furthermore, we manage small to medium size commercial space/buildings and individual investment properties.


PROMMA offers competitive fees, while committing to the achievement of the highest level of customer satisfaction, always thinking and acting as and for the property owner(s).


To establish a behavior that is in harmony with community living uniting all stakeholders into meeting common goals to manage, promote, and/or maintain real estate assets and achieve real community integration.


To become the most trusted source in property and community management services maintaining the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction through the best and most qualified professionals.



Be objective.

Be honest.

Be punctual.

Show empathy.

Speak, one at a time.

Show respect for others.

Have fun!

Everyone gives and shares ideas.

ROC: Receipt of Comprehension.

Always have good intentions.

Listen first! Then talk.

``Dumb`` questions are easier to handle than ``dumb`` mistakes.

Think as a Pro, act as a Pro, and get Pro Results!