Promma | Guiding Principles
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Guiding Principles

As a result of our experience, we have determined that our guiding principles are:


  • Increase the owner’s return on investment of the projects and properties we manage.
  • Provide a better quality of life to the residents of the communities and properties we serve.
  • Handle all properties as if they were our own, thus manage them with care to ensure they remain in superior, safe, decent, and sanitary conditions.
  • Establish controls, procedures, and management plans with our client.


We capitalize our property management experience: Our experience will guarantee the use of industry standards to measure the property’s returns through rent or maintenance fees’ collection, physical property inspections, contingency/security plans, occupancy and vacancy rates, tenant selection and screening, lease/regulations’ enforcement and inventory controls, among others.


We are architects of our work: PROMMA will draft business, maintenance, management and/or marketing plans that will tell our clients the goals and course of action to be taken with their properties. These plans are prepared and amended utilizing our clients’ inputs and opinions, thus achieving operational flexibility and maximizing results for your community.


We guarantee excellent communication: PROMMA provides year-round 24-hours a day calling center, telephone hotline for emergencies, e-mail or internet based communication, as well as written letters and reports to provide on-going communication with our clients. This provides our clients with the opportunity to learn the status of their properties and they can access us to tell us what they want done, how and for when.


We ensure on-going analysis: Our commitment is to verify properties periodically to ensure that they retain their value and don’t lose it because of physical plant or maintenance related issues, occupancy losses or tenant or residents misbehaviors. Thus PROMMA communicates to its clients the way we monitor a property’s progress and condition in areas such as general management, maintenance, accounting, and finance, among others.