Promma | Homeowners Association
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Homeowners Association

Comprehensive Community Management:


  • Residents Roster: Establish or ensure that a procedure is in place so that new property owners or tenants leasing a property at the community duly inform its Board of Directors of the transaction.
  • Meeting Planning: Assist in the planning of general assemblies and meetings of the HOA.
  • Communication: Establish communication with the homeowners through an annual calendar of events, newsletter, or website for the HOA (as defined on the budget).
  • Vendor’s Roster: Maintain a list of vendors and suppliers and copies of any contracts previously authorized.
  • House Rules: Recommend that fines be established for certain frequent violations of stipulated house rules (Reglas de Convivencia), on the master deed, or the property’s bylaws.
  • Emergency Plans: Ensure that an emergency and evacuation plan is in place and revised as needed or required by law.

Accounting Services:


  • Operating Budget: Assist in the elaboration of an Operating Budget taking in consideration previous year’s’ experience, among others.
  • Accounts Receivables: Collect maintenance fees and realize deposits to the HOA’s bank account. Maintain individual payment history for each dwelling unit (apartment).
    Issue notification letters and invoices to residents with delinquent accounts and advise the Board of Directors of any owners that are delinquent so that the necessary legal action may be taken to ensure prompt payment of the owner’s responsibility.
    Collect any other miscellaneous income such as those corresponding to approved fines, Reserve accounts, and any rentals, etc.
  • Accounts Payables: All expenses will be accompanied by the necessary receipts and invoices and they will be paid only after verifying their authenticity and that the service or work was completed to the HOA’s satisfaction.
  • Income Statement and Balance Sheet Reports: The HOA will receive these reports on a monthly basis.

Board Training and Assistance:


  • Legal Counseling: Provide counseling to the Asociación de Residentes, Consejo de Titulares on the dispositions of the law and how they can take certain actions.
  • Board Training: Offer training classes for board member clients on various issues including financial statements, budgeting, investments, conducting an effective meeting, and working with your property manager.

Maintenance & Operations:


  • Preventive Maintenance: Analyze the need for future extraordinary maintenance works or improvements (Obras Extraordinarias), or urgent maintenance works (Obras Urgentes).
  • Judicial and Extra-Judicial Actions: Summary of Suspension of Utilities, Legal Actions, or Judicial Pleadings due to delinquency of accounts.
  • Report Emergencies or Security Concerns: Provide year-round 24-hours a day telephone hotline for emergencies (plumbing, electric, life or property threatening) related to common grounds.
  • On-site Inspections: Supervise and coordinate work performed by maintenance employees, contractors and suppliers:
    • Janitorial or general maintenance services (elevator, swimming pools)
    • Landscaping or gardening services.
    • Electric gate maintenance.
    • Waste disposal.
    • Exterminating services.
    • Water cistern and water pumps, sprinkler system .
    • Screen, recruit, train and supervise qualified personnel such as janitor, handymen/women, etc.
    • Ensure that maintenance, emergency and evacuation plans are in place and revised, every three years.
    • Conduct frequent property site inspections to identify and solve any landscape, maintenance, security, liability and community compliance issues.